The Beauty of Mechanical Cuckoo Clocks.

When you are someone who loves the idea of creating a very homey look in your abode or when you want something that is ironic and purposefully vintage, you may find that a mechanical cuckoo clock is precise what you need! A cuckoo clock is usually pendulum driven, though these days it is fairly common to find some that are operated via battery, and they typically have a movement that strikes or chimes on the hour. This movement is traditionally a bird that pops out of a small window to chirp the hour, but there are dozens of variations.

Tips On How To Assemble A Schwer Cuckoo Clocks

Distinctive Features

Most Schwer cuckoo clocks are handcrafted from good quality wood. Traditionally, the trunk of the Lime tree, or Maple tree, is used in the clock making, as these woods can be easily carved. All the clocks feature the famous cuckoo call. This distinctive sound is made by air chambers, which squeeze air through a whistle. Two bellows are used to produce both sounds, first comes the “cu” and then the “cukoo”. Many traditional clocks have the cuckoo birds with moving wings as well. Others usually feature eagles, sparrows or owls.